Friday, July 15, 2011

Mike Bloomberg Rose Gill Hearn Exposed Lying CityTime Does Not Work!!!!!

Biggest White Collar Crime at City Hall, NYC Gov. ever and two mayor and their friends and workers NYC government high up, even lobbyists implicated because my guess is they all knew this was a lemon and black hole for tax payers money but this was about back room deals and Rudy and Mike with their eyes on The White House!

NY1 and The Wall St. Journal who gave Mike and Rose “informercials” and did not report news....will never report my I have here.  City workers state yet again the CityTime system does not work.

Dear Preet Bharara we can get thousands of City Workers to come forward and testify the CityTime system does not work.  It was and is a flawed system and Preet than you have to ask Rose and Mike why they lied.   Why are they still covering up for SAIC.

Preet I have to ask you why no arrests at SAIC?  This went beyond Gerard Denault.

Yesterday July 14th, 2011
Jessica Dewberry almost a year later stating City Time DOES NOT WORK!!!!

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from my BloombergNoCityTime
Michael Greene Jessica Dewberry
Sept. 27, 2010
CityTime System DOES NOT WORK!!!!!!!!

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Why no arrests SAIC and NYC Gov.?  Maybe because the powers that be do not want RICO charges which could mean  triple times 1 billion dollars?

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New Yorkers Wake the Freak UP! Tax Payer Money Stolen! We Were Frauded! We want a Full Refund + Damages!!!

We The People of NYC Want A Full Refund + Damages and Arrests

I made a verbal typo and say “Mark” when I meant Mike appointed Mark Page, that is Joel Bondy’s boss until Joel got implicated in the CityTime SAIC massive fraud and theft and Mike appointed Patricia Harris’s husband, judge Lebow to the MTA board so did the push the now infamous deal with SAIC that we all fought tooth and nail?

By the way read this article....

You will read some politically connected names besides Patricia Harris’s husband as in Thompson and Vallone.....

The press, NYC gov, SAIC cover ups but some where some how not everyone playing deaf and dumb.... unlike NYC gov and the story the media is not telling.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Mike Bloomberg Rose Gill Hearn Explain NYC Gov looking for New Pay Roll System

If CityTime works as Mike Bloomberg says and Rose Gill Hearn, the head of DOI stated in her informercial on NY1 rather than her asked tough questions on how this massive white collar crime and fraud flourished all these years why do we need a new pay roll system!

Reminder we had AutoTime and it worked!  Rudy Giuliani threw out AutoTime and brought in CityTime and SAIC!

Sounds like we have a case to ask for a lot more than 600 million dollars from SAIC and who in NYC gov is really responsible that so far has been protected?    Waiting for a lot more arrests including NYC gov people.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Is Mike Bloomberg Still Covering Up For SAIC and Continuing to Betray the People of New York?

Is Mike Bloomberg Still Covering Up For SAIC and Continuing to Betray the People of New York?

from the article above.....
"I should note that Mayor Bloomberg said as recently as last week, even after the new criminal indictments were filed, that he thought that the cost increases on the CityTime project were generally legit, and that they stemmed from the city and SAIC "... underestimating the complexity and cost of the project and then, as they went along, kept adding things." The Mayor's comments may come back to haunt him if a civil suit ever goes to trial."

Suzannah B. Troy’s comment....

What if Mike wasn’t shooting himself in the foot but helping his pals at SAIC?  Just wondering out loud since he pushed SAIC like a drug king pins pushes heroin.  When the 80 million stolen by SAIC doing quality control on SAIC was first exposed Mike rushed to the media to praise SAIC.  Rudy brought in SAIC and CityTime and his best friend and one time deputy mayor Peter Powers was the lobbyist for SAIC here in NY until DiNapoli but all deals on a State and City level on hold so there is a lot more to this story and a lot more players.....

Mayor Bloomberg SAIC files 8K & Mike's Letter Quietly July 4th Weekend

CityTime SAIC Update! Quietly Filed July 4th Weekend 2nd 8K with Mike Bloomberg’s letter!