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Mike Bloomberg Ray Kelly 911 Scandal 911 Operators to Contractors Stealing to defending the indefensible

Mike Bloomberg Ray Kelly 911 Scandal  911 Operators to Contractors Stealing to defending the indefensible

Sick Day Conflict Between NYPD, 911 Operators Goes to Federal Court More to 911 Corruption Abuses

I am really exhausted PTS but just trying to read this I know it needs editing... I'm trying to come to terms with permanent damage to my eye from the attack in  medical office and NYPD Internal Affairs fixing for the doctors office...

Sick Day Conflict Between NYPD, 911 Operators Goes to Federal Court

I'm glad and I was there when they testified at City Hall I also testify and Bloomberg via his puppet Cas Holloway insulted all of and  both of them were made to eat their words in a letter to Homeland Security and Ray Kelly who wanted the job was turned away by the White House rightfully so think about it right Kelly said 911 work after hurricane sandy so did Bloomberg.

August 20, 2012 you could see me on YouTube yelling down Bloomberg 911 doesn't work we were robbed and I had spoken with the FBI before I saw Bloomberg that morning asking them for help we need a criminal investigation 911 will collapse I was right.

 Posting youtube at bottom of this post.   I believe in part that is why the NYPD an internal affairs were caught also by me fixing the fact that I was attacked savagely (please help this go viral so shame MD, my attacker, NYPD and IAB thank you)  punched kicked my hair ripped out in Soho MD office and when I reported it the NYPD next threatened me with a hole in my retina with false imprisonment over the weekend unless I dropped charge  and with threats and waiting Det Vergona with a hole in my retina and cervical damage did succeed -- made me drop the charges against my will COERCION a crime and got away with it and that's why I'm in federal court and I believe that Ray Kelly is defending the verbal violence over the phone by the NYPD who would not meet with me, the threats and coercion because Ray Kelly is that angry at me for my activism.  It was like blaming the rape victim for getting raped and Ray Kelly in a federal lawsuit is defending NYPD verbal violence and course and it's there in a federal lawsuit.

The NYPD an internal affairs wete monstrous to me and then Ray Kelly took it to another level in federal court yet again like. 911 defending the indefensible.  

He and all defendants after Judge instruct their lawyer to help me find retired Det John Vergona who yelled at me threatened me stated I don't care if you have 2 black eyes and than commited the crime of coercion -- their lawyer  stated I should serve the (corrupt)Det. at one police Plaza I guess that's world corrupt detectives "live" ?  Ray Kelly lives near the doctor whose receptionist attacked me by the way.

Wow are the NYPD corrupt Ray Kelly is corrupt and his role in 911 and his relationship with Mike Bloomberg and Ray Kelly taking free rides on air Bloomberg with his wife pretty much sums it up in my opinion.

Ray Kelly efending me being savagely attacked at Dr. Andrew Fagelman's  office and then defending NYPD threatening me COERCING and NYPD verbal violence on the phone because they were too cowardly and corrupt to even meet me in person but that with my victim shows you the real Ray Kelly to defend the indefensible from me being attacked to the 911 tech mess and still we have no criminal investigation in to 911 despite the fact 911 is more in $1 billion over budget!!!!!!!

We needed a criminal investigation into 911 for a long time now and Scott Stringer a Bloomberg puppet a man who cannot even do his own taxes and got the job as New York City comptroller via backroom deals fixing and favors ---removed the press release by John Lou calling for a criminal  investigation in to 912 based on audits. Date of press release: May 31, 2012 and the first thing Scott Stringer does when he gets into offices remove it from the website and put up fake public relations pictures with him and minority New Yorkers instead.   

There've been problems with the technology with 911 for an extended period of time for years since in my opinion HP got the contract and HP has no 911 experience.

Testimony Suzannah Troy on Mark Carson, Councilman Cabrera Interfering With My Testimony

SAIC Robbed NYC criminal behavior Oakland spy contract and now 911 for California?

It should also be noted SAIC wanted this contract they wanted the MTA contract they were cheating stealing in my opinion even before didn't Denault  hired ---the fix is in politicos it gets into contractors and their connections to the White House and to politicians who have too much ambition -- they put their ambitions before the safety of the people of New York and that includes Rudy and his lobbyists that were once deputy mayors.

Also look into Chuck Schumer and George Artz Artz and Stringer -- HP and learn why Stringer will never call for criminal investigation into HP and 911.  

HP like SAIC was not alone stealing and both CityTime and 911 mega bucks in over runs!!!!    Simple math we were robbed. 

Very similar but still no criminal
investigation 911. 

911 HP Ray Kelly Bloomberg on the front page of my opposition to the city dismissing my federal lawsuit 911 is mentioned in my lawsuit and I want to call Ray Kelly and Bloomberg if I have the chance whether it's my lawsuit or down the road when we actually get I hope the trial that holds top political figures New York City government officials and contractors accountable.

Thanks and gratitude for making a difference.  
ps please help this go viral so shame MD, my attacker, NYPD and IAB thank you. 

August 20, 2012 yelling down Bloomberg about the Nine one one tech system and CityTime.   I had just had a talk with an FBI agent before stumbling on Bloomberg.

Bill Bratton  has not responded to my letters emails and calls regarding the fact that was co-worse and to date internal affairs has done nothing except allow the cops involved to retire. 

Bill Bratton and John Miller my opinion or so in love with page 6 and a list that it became an embarrassment the final straw John Miller and Woody Allen page 6 which if we have a terrorist attack would completely embarrassed Brendan Miller I wrote about it and now there not I'm page 6 every five minutes.

Do the math and I fear that the Bratton is Ray Kelly Junior.

Mayor de Blasio  needs to get a criminal investigations in to 911 and if Bratton  is unresponsive and Ray Kelly Junior in love with mega wealth, a list, contractors connected to The White House and big deals behind-the-scenes obviously he needs to go ASAP.

I caught the NYPD committing a crime in regard to my case in me. I called for criminal investigations SAIC's auditor Deloitte and before Ray Kelly leaves office he makes a deal with Deloitte.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Mayor Bloomberg SAIC Letter Scribed

After pushing SAIC like a drug king pin pushes heroin --we got him to ask for our money back but he didn't ask for a full refund plus damages.

oh and Rudy's guy pushed SAIC like heroin too -- it's called being a lobbyist....
Rudy threw out AutoTime a system that worked -- for the Tax Payer's Titanic CityTime destined for the dumpster.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Bloomberg Cuomo Power Outage Sandy to Haunt Them

Cuomo could be haunted by this - posted a scathing piece by critic that blamed Cuomo's dad for LIPA hell

Copy and paste

All these companies greed first.

I wrote Con Ed Mike's 2nd term - tell mayor slow down safety first -- but con Ed just hired more outside contractors and corrupt zone busting tsunami of development continued.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Mike Bloomberg More Poverty Homeless Mass Displacement

Largest white collar crimes ever in NYC Gov history starting with CityTime and ECTP 911 Tech System.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Mayor Bloomberg Protected by One Term Cy Attacks Bronx DA!

Mike Bloomberg Christine Quinn so far been given immunity some or most off the record by one Term Cy Vance -- google Cy Vance Dirty DA video!!

Ask Cy Vance about guess who (plural) broke campaign laws, slush abuse, green lighted CityTime. EcTP 911 tech system and other tech corrupt mega dollars over billing?

Vance refuses to prosecute St Vincent's Hospital crooks.  Afraid of bringing attention to Rudin Family acquisition pennies on the dollars?   

Howard Rubenstein wouldn't like any negative attention for his clients, BFF and political puppet for mayor? 

ps Mike, Christine Quinn, Cy Vance -- any ticket fixing NYPD PBA favors corruption including for City Hall officials?

We hear yes.  Covered up. Press to afraid NYPD PBA retaliation?

Dave Paterson Free To Flirt with NYU Students!!!

Dave Paterson should be in jail for witness tampering in a spousal abuse case -- his best friend who he kept on NY State payroll 6 foot 9 Dave Johnson roughed up his gal pal and such a coward ran whe she called the police.  

Andy Cuomo and Judge Judy Kaye fixed it so he didn't go to jail and daddy Basil Paterson with powerful connections very grateful.  

Cuomo already collected a little political pay back by using WOR Paterson radio show to do a Politcal hit and Paterson also rewarded for his role attempting to silence a victim of spousal abuse by Cuomo giving him an appointment to the MTA Board to sit with Bloomberg appointees Patti Harris husband Judge Lebow exposed in NY Times and Mark Page -- Mike's number 1 financial guy for nyc gov who in my opinion are frauds and corrupt -- NYT article a clue -- but I want to ask them under oath did they push corrupt MTA SAIC deal?

Dave Paterson, misogynist , liar, guilty witness tampering spousal abuse rewarded with WOR job and NYU job by evil real estate magnate John Sexton but now Dave Paterson can openly flirt with NYU students now that his wife finally tired of humilation.  The humilation finally out weighed all the perks she and Dave enjoyed because Dave's dad, Black political leaders, Cuomo and Kaye kept the corrupt liar in place rather than force a resignation.  

Even Obama who has failed NYers not visiting one Black family that lost a baby to gun violence or a Mom, Dad or Granny refused to defend Paterson but look who did?

Why are rapes up in NYC?  Why is violence towards women up and men preying on women up?  Why do women fear coming foward. 

Christine Quinn invited Vito Lopez, Dave Paterson, Andy Cuomo  and Judge Judy Kaye to her wedding all involved in fixing the dirtiest dealings including the abuse of women. Quinn did not call for Paterdon to resign.   Will she use his radio show as well?  

NYU parents u daughters pay lots of money so a low life like Paterson can flirt with your daughters and get paid by John Sexton to do it.  What is Dave going to teach NYU students?  How to commit witness tampering and perjury - help u r friend to cover-up spousal abuse?