Saturday, September 29, 2012

Mayor Bloomberg Protected by One Term Cy Attacks Bronx DA!

Mike Bloomberg Christine Quinn so far been given immunity some or most off the record by one Term Cy Vance -- google Cy Vance Dirty DA video!!

Ask Cy Vance about guess who (plural) broke campaign laws, slush abuse, green lighted CityTime. EcTP 911 tech system and other tech corrupt mega dollars over billing?

Vance refuses to prosecute St Vincent's Hospital crooks.  Afraid of bringing attention to Rudin Family acquisition pennies on the dollars?   

Howard Rubenstein wouldn't like any negative attention for his clients, BFF and political puppet for mayor? 

ps Mike, Christine Quinn, Cy Vance -- any ticket fixing NYPD PBA favors corruption including for City Hall officials?

We hear yes.  Covered up. Press to afraid NYPD PBA retaliation?