Monday, June 20, 2011

SAIC Now Getting Full Blame? WE The PEOPLE Want a Full Refund

Bloomberg awarded a culture of failure most of all SAIC!

SAIC given Dwight Eisenhower for helping sub-contractor -- what for stealing....?  Hardee, har....

I asked this June 3.

SAIC Getting Blamed finally.....?.???
Revised a few words

This is the line they withdrew on the nbc web page....someone got in trouble. Looks like another person at SAIC is in trouble and NBC accidentally or erroneously wrote this.


>>> "We have developed evidence that the corruption on the CityTime project was epic in duration, magnitude and scope," Bharara said.
>>> From 2003 through 2010, investigators said officials with another firm, SAIC, also ripped off taxpayers by submitting bogus bills. One official with SAIC is accused of taking part in the massive scheme.
it now says
"We have developed evidence that the corruption on the CityTime project was epic in duration, magnitude and scope," Bharara said.
From 2003 through 2010, investigators said officials with another firm, SAIC, also ripped off taxpayers by submitting bogus bills. Two officials with SAIC are accused of taking part in the massive scheme
 but what about NYC Gov officials and their pals who allowed this to go and on for so long....and by the way the 911 Tech deal is rumored to be a 2 billion $ mess as well.

1) New Blog I created asking for a full refund of our tax payer money!!!!!!
Scroll Down for John Liu’s Press Lease!

Before you read this get out your barf bags -- you will puke....the theory is that SAIC has been doing a lousy job and robbing us blind for a decade -- read this and you will know what a load of crap -- just as honest as SAIC’s shareholder meeting Friday which never mentioned all the NYC gov terminated SAIC contracts, indictments and the fact we may be suing SAIC to get our Money BACK!!!!!

Note!!! When you see the letter from Richard Valcich head of OPA before Bondy who reported SAIC to Dept. of Investigation you see Mike Bloomberg and Bill Thompson’s name on the letters so they knew as did the head of DOI.

I was emailed this:

Just head on WABC news that a ruling has come down that all, REPEAT ALL,of the money spent on Citytime - is suspect.  ALL OF IT, $ 680 MILLION.
THIS is the big one. 
To paraphrase an ancient Greek philosopher, YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!! (I prefer the term goddess)
Sad of course....

Just ask Mayor Bloomburg to take out his checkbook
and write one, repeat, one check for $680 million to the City of New York.
Suzannah B. Troy’s response -- it was even more than that....
CityTime a flawed system and we through out a system that worked....
how about compensation?

2) What WPIX tonight and here is Channel 2’s Coverage:

3)Samantha Gross of the Associated Press:
 (AP) — Authorities say nearly all of the more than $600 million that New York City paid for a new payroll system was directly or indirectly tainted by fraud.
Prosecutors had previously said the fraud involved in the CityTime project totaled $85 million.
The new estimate came Monday as federal prosecutors and the New York City Department of Investigation announced more charges in the case.
The indictment names a Wayne, N.J.-based subcontractor, TechnoDyne LLC, and its owners. Prosecutors say they believe Padma and Reddy Allen have fled to their native India. Efforts to reach them for comment through online messages were unsuccessful.
Eleven people now have been charged. Monday's indictment alleges some of the defendants conspired to hire consultants the city didn't need. They're also accused of inflating charges and work hours.

NEW YORK, NY – In response to questions about today’s additional criminal charges relating to CityTime, New York City Comptroller John C. Liu issued the following statement:

“Today’s announcement unfortunately sheds more light on just how flawed the management of the CityTime project was,” said Comptroller John C. Liu. “According to the indictment ‘virtually the entirety of the more than $600 million that was paid to SAIC was tainted directly or indirectly, by fraud.’ New Yorker’s can hope that this will eventually lead to restitution for the hundreds of millions of dollars paid on an out-of-control project, years overdue and, ten-fold over budget.”

Comptroller John C. Liu’s Record on CityTime

Jan. 1, 2010
Comptroller John C. Liu takes office, and makes the elimination of fraud, waste and abuse his top priority.
Feb. 9, 2010
Rejected additional contract related to CityTime.
Feb. 25, 2010
Initiates audit of CityTime Project Oversight.
Mar. 3, 2010
Liu calls on Mayor to freeze all payments associated with CityTime; appoints new representative from the Comptroller’s Office to OPA.
Sept. 28, 2010
Liu and mayor Bloomberg announce agreement to finish installation of CityTime at no additional cost.
Below my link to my very first SAIC CityTIme youtube where I demanded no renewal but a full refund!!!!!!
look at the date....

Please don’t forget the shocking MTA SAIC deal -- We got DiNapoli to cancel and SAIC and MTA refused to cancel it and my question is who NYC gov was involved with the MTA deal as well as many other SAIC deals and think I have some answers 
but the press is doing no reporting except indictments---just like we don’t have names of how in NYC gov got their tickets fixed by the NYPD.


Heard on the street...

SAIC is ultimetly to blame for the $470 million fraud as it was the company who placed their two executives Gerad Denault and Carl Bell to head the project AND approved TECHNODYNE as the main sub-contractor.
We still have "jellybean" and at least two other SAIC managers who have yet to be charged...this by no means over.
Of the $470 million received by TechnoDyne, at least $5.6 million went to Denault, $5 million to Bell...leaving $$460 million going where ?
There is much more to this yet to come.....

JellyBean is the nickname for an SAIC guy names in the Whistle Blower CNN Ireport but to date we haven not been given his real name and any info re: has he been indicted and made a deal with Preet Bharara and to date Preet has kept his name secret from us...and if he was indicted he was the 1st SAIC employee to be indicted  way before Denault was indicted but it was kept secret perhaps to protect Preet ’s investigation?

Did Joel Bondy testified under oath city council and if so did he commit perjury...?