Saturday, June 25, 2011

NY1 CityTime Gerard Denault Returns 2.5 Mill, NY1 Does Not Post Rose Gill Hearn Infomercial Cover-up SAIC Systems

We knew SAIC was giving us 2.5 million back but NYC Tax Payers want a whole lot more!

I called NY1 producer and left a voice mail that NY1 is a laughing stock and a joke not asking Rose Gill Hearn, the Cathie Black of Dept Investigation why she ignored Ricahrd Valcich's letter that exposed the fraud, a bribe even, over billing, lack of delivery of work CityTime.

Read what I have to say and it is no surprise NY1 did not post a link to their pathetic hosting of Rose Gill Hearn rather than ask her tough questions about why she and DOI ignored red flags more than Valcich's letter!!!! Even the shocking cost alone was a huge red flag and CityTime, I dubbed the Tax Payers Titanic is one of many NYC gov.

The mayor and comptroller had an appointee to office of payroll all these years.

What were they doing sleeping like DOI?

What about Mark Page. Mike appointed him to MTA board along with Patricia Harris's husband.

I remind you of the MTA SAIC deal and City Hall's role including to paying SAIC for over runs on budget as exposed by Greg Mocker, WPIX!
We are the largest state in the USA to legalize same sex marriage so how about the largest state to send a message we will no longer tolerate the robbery and rape of tax payers!!!

Mike Bloomberg got The Wall Street Journal to publish the system works and Rose Gill
Hearn did an informercial which has people asking she recuse herself
but there is a simple solution. Prove the system works and it was worth the money! Explain how a deputy commissioner stole $22,0000 on her CityTime time sheet which she hand wrote and someone signed off on. So much for CityTime.

Rose Gill Hearn should step down and start explaining how CityTime flourished all these years not get on NY1 and try selling us on the system works when
it is in fact flawed!

Mike Bloomberg, Christine Quinn and fellow corrupt slushy city council members that denied us a referendum sold the great lie we needed Mike for a third term to help us with the economy and they helped themselves, not The People Of New York City!!! They helped their pals and the media silenced all voices in opposition!

My YouTube channel was even removed before the election.

We are not buying Bloomberg, Quinn, Rose Gill Hearn telling us anything. We are looking at the facts! Fact Richard Valcich's letter was in the hands of DOI for almost a decade and when are the people with press passes going to ask Gill Hearn the tough questions. When are indictments at City Hall coming? When we get the name of City Hall city council people and pals that their tickets fixed by NYPD?

Read my posts from this am and yesterday. Typed this on iPad and the rest 1 fi ger iPhone!