Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Technodnyne Owners Left USA Like DOI Allowed CityTime CityCrime to Flourish the last Decade!!!!!!!

You ask yourself how DOI allowed CityTime aka Crime to flourish just like you ask yourself how were the owners of Technodyne allowed to get on a plane and fly to India?

Please explain how Rose Gill Hearn allowed Richard Valchich’s letter to go unaswered a decade ago and let the one good courageous OPA head to leave.  She should be indicted as well shouldn’t she for allowing this to become the Tax Payer’s Titanic and a hierarchy  of crime with SAIC and sub-contractors ripping us off with CityCrime a lemon and Mike was praising SAIC when the Spherion 80 mill was revealed!  Mark Page and a lot others have some explaining to do but as usual no indictments for NYC gov workers. Christine Quinn brushed aside 2 investigations in to CityTime and she wants to be mayor?  No one brought force Richard’s Valchich’s letter.  Is Rose and DOI sleeping beauty?  They just woke up in the last year?

You ask yourself how was CityTime aka CityCrime allowed to flourish all these years by Rose Gill Hearn and DOI when they had Richard Valchich’s letter just like you wonder to yourself how the Allens, the owners of Technodyne were allowed to get on a plane and fly away to India?   Hearn was appointed by Bloomberg and she allowed this to go on for way too long and why was that?  Do the math and Mike appointed Mark Page and Patricia Harris’s husband to the MTA and remember the SAIC MTA debacle that sure felt criminal to me, the fact they refused to terminate the deal after DiNapoil instructed them to.  Why no indictments of NYC gov workers and DOI deserves no praise but actually punishment.   They took way too long, a decade to finally do a supposed good job.